Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club

The Miserable Rich UK Tour

Way back in March, we were asked if we would like to do a Christmas single with a little pop-up label by a nice music-loving man called Robert from the Netherlands. The idea was a singles club of similarly, er, selectively-known bands, with 500 vinyl 7"s being produced for each band, one side a cover, one side an original.

There was general enthusiasm about the Miserable camp, and everyone liked the idea of getting our hands on some sleigh bells.

Fast forward to August of the hottest Summer for years, and we're already behind schedule with half the band on the other side of the world playing on tour with new projects. So far so Miserable.

Well, we managed to squeeze in one songwriting and arrangement session in the heat of Summer, and wrote a happy new tune about trudging through the snow. Everyone that could contributed their parts and the whole thing slowly took shape.

Now it's ready and it's getting cold outside, about time to let the spirit out of the bottle. Here's hoping you enjoy the happiest of Miserable Christmases....You deserve Everything You Wanted.

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Please note that we have made the decision to denote all profits from the sale of this single to the Philippines Typhoon Appeal

Miss You In the Days

The Miserable Rich - Miss You In The Days